To submit an advertisement, you need to register on the site.

1. To do this, select the "Registration" menu item and fill in the required fields:



2. If all the fields are filled in correctly, after clicking the "Register" button the system will issue a message about successful registration on the site and will prompt you to enter the site using the entered login and password.



Please note that if you entered your mail address incorrectly, then in the future you will not be able to restore your login or password, as messages with recoverable data will be sent to another mailbox.




3. After logging into the site, the item "Add announcement" will appear in the top menu:




4. When clicked, you will be taken to the form of filling your new ad



Please note that the fields marked with "*" are required.

It is also necessary to select the City field (marked with 1) and the City Area field (marked with 2).

If the city area is not selected, the system will generate an error "It is not possible to create an additional category".



5. Further, after filling in the information about the room to be rented, it is possible to choose the paid options:

"Select ad" - selects the ad in search results

"Raise up" - raises the ad in the search results. This option is most often used when the ad is down during some time in the search results.




6. After all the information is filled in you need to accept the user agreement and click on the "Save" button.




7. At the same time, the system will generate an invoice and offer you to choose the way of payment through Robocasso:

(If this does not happen, scroll the page up and see the possible error messages.) After fixing the errors, click the "Save" button again)



Promotional code is intended to receive a discount.


8. After clicking the link "Pay through the RoboCass" the system will ask you to confirm the transfer to the payment terminal:



Click "Pay" and go to the payment terminal, in which we choose the most convenient for you and pay for the placement of the advertisement.


After successful execution of payment your advertisement will be saved, published on the site and available to you for editing in your personal account.


We wish a successful lease of your apartments!